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GROUND Lab is a Research and Development company specialized in prototyping, field testing and implementing accessible technological solutions for research groups, Universities, Governments, large organizations, NGOs and their unique problem sets.

GROUND Lab has built partnerships with many organizations such as the United Nations, UNICEF, the Earth Institute and the Modi Research Group at Columbia University, and has field tested many Open Source devices such as a medical datalogger for health clinics in Uganda, in collaboration with UNICEF, a logic board for a smart solar system in Mali, in partnership with The Modi Research Group and UC Berkeley and cellphone based lion tracking collars to locate the last remaining lions in the wild in Kenya for the Living With Lions Trust and The Lion Guardians Program.

Located in Queens, New York, GROUND Lab focuses on Open Source hardware and software development, interaction design and specialty fabrication in order to create and produce innovative sustainable solutions that successfully address environmental, social and humanitarian challenges worldwide. In the 2400 sq ft of space GROUND Lab offers a fully equipped wood working, metal working, welding, plastics and mold making, machining, hardware and electronics as well software laboratory to bring your idea to the field.

Some of our Partnerships and Affiliations:

MODI ResearchEarth InstituteITP NYUUniversity of California Berkeley