BOM Cost Analysis and Manufactureability

3D Model System Design and 3D Modeling

Field Testing User Testing and Field Testing

With practical experience in a multitude of fields GROUND Lab is able to offer a full range of Consulting and Research services, even for the most esoteric problem sets. We can support your project or organization by leveraging targeted in field research, cost analysis, estimates, timelines, technical feasibility assessments, bill of materials, systems designs and consultations.

Our direct experience with creating in field prototypes and platforms has given us the expertise to also address aspects such as supply chain management, project management, field reporting and documentation. This allows us to deliver everything from CAD design and critical thinking to lectures and workshops to help you fulfill your organizations needs and goals. Consulting and project analysis lays the groundwork for any solution and the roadmap of basic steps vital to the project.

Cost Analysis and technical feasibility: GROUND Lab offers many services to asses the technical and financial feasibility of a given project and develop an overall system architecture from that projection. GROUND Lab offers comprehensive field research, sourcing of local materials and applicable technologies, budgeting and analysis to highlight early on the technical and economic needs of the project.

System Design and 3D Modeling: This involves developing a system architecture to further refine the technical needs of a project. GROUND Lab offers full CAD, 3D modeling and circuit board design services to develop the system flow chart and give the client a general feel of the solution.

Project Management: Project management is neccessary to plan a timeline and build a team around the needs of the project. With an extensive in-house skill set and external network GROUND Lab is able to build and manage a development team built ad-hoc.

Field and User Testing: We have found the most successful solutions are the ones that are developed around a specific need and not a specific technology. Whenever possible GROUND Lab field tests prototypes as well as runs user testing excercises to give valuable feedback about the actual operation of the prototype. This allows for more informed suggestions for the next round of development.