Device X

Shared Solar

DeviceX Device X is a prototype realized in collaboration with UNICEF. The project aimed to create an open portable networked device to collect accurate high volume data from the field in real time to be used in health facilities in Uganda. The device guides the health care worker, often a volunteer with limited medical training, through a series of questions and computes a medical diagnosis based on the data entered. The diagnosis is then transmitted instantaneosly via SMS to centralized databases as well as the local Ministry of Health. In 2009 we traveled to Kampala to field test the device in multiple health clinics, to assess the overall feasibility of the project and source local suppliers and manufacturing facilities to investigate the long-term sustainability of the project.

Materials: Microcontroller, SIM card, speaker, embedded MP3 player, LCD screen, USB keyboard, antennas, rechargeable batteries, GSM/GPRS/GPS module.

In collaboration with: Raphael Zollinger