GSM Printer

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GSM Printer This collaboration with the MODI Research Group at Columbia University resulted in the creation of a low-power, low-cost and robust cell phone-based printing device for remote health facilities in Africa that participate in mobile health monitoring and reporting. This device will improve the two-way flow of time sensitive medical information thanks to its ability to generate a variety of reports from a national health information system (or any website), on-demand and in real time. This device is composed of an open source GSM logic board as well as open source APIs necessary to recreate a fully functioning system. Currently the device can accept most widely available thermal printers and it also comes as a low-cost all-in-one solution. This device can print SMSs, Web content via GPRS as well as most widely used Barcodes. The documentation will soon be available online.

Materials: Atmel Logic Board, GSM/GPRS/GPS module, GSM and GPS antennas and supporting hardware.

MODI Research