Open Source Lion Tracking Collars

Open Source Tracking

Open Source Lion Collars This project aims to create an open source wildlife tracking collar system to help conservationists protect the last 2000 lions living in the wild in Southern Kenya, and safeguard the Maasai herders cattle, restoring Maasai-land to a working ecosystem. The system consists of two parts: a tracking collar that utilizes a GPS/GSM module to locate and track the wildlife and to communicate the lions coordinates via SMS to researchers and Maasai herders, as well as in depth online documentation of the technologies involved. This project is a collaboration with Living With Lions and Lion Guardians, programs that focus specifically on implementing techniques to reduce predator-livestock conflicts, by employing the Maasai warriors to conserve rather than kill. Click here to see our latest field test data visualization.

Materials: Atmel low-power Microcontroller, SIM card, GSM and GPS antennas, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, GSM/GPRS/GPS module.

Lion Guardians