Luscious Electric Delight

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Luscious Electric Delight The Luscious Electric Delight is a a 28 x 40 dot L.E.D. matrix sized about 12" by 9" and made of light emitting diodes programmed to display algorithmically generated graphics. This low-power display can also functions as a clock; it does in fact display hours, minutes and seconds, along with day, month and year. The clock runs on a real-time clock chip that can retain time of day even when the clock is powered off. The clock/display broadcasts a time signal to its surroundings using a small bandwidth ZigBee Radio.

Materials: Dot LED matrices, microcontrollers, Xbee radios and SD card, C programming.

In collaboration with: Leif Krinkle, Rob Faludi, and Zach Layton

Exhibited: at the ITP Winter Show in 2006 in New York.