Open Source Business Model

GROUND Lab is a mission-driven business that strives to build accessible solutions to social challenges, whether they involve wildlife conservation, emergency logistics, mobile health efforts or remote energy monitoring.

There are many R&D and fabrication companies operating today, what makes GROUND Lab different is our focus not only on building real world solutions, but on finding new methods to develop, scale and sustain these solutions in the long term.

At GROUND Lab we believe in Open Source not only as a valuable development process but also as a business model that allows knowledge to be generated and shared, emphasizing labor and applied knowledge over patents and IP ownership.

Thanks to the company's Open Source development structure, the solutions designed at GROUND Lab allow a community to form around specific technologies to further their development. The Open designs are released publicly so that the devices and their software can be modified, repaired, replicated and scaled locally at competitive prices, ideally resulting in expandable platforms and knowledge bases instead of single use end products.

As part of GROUND Lab's focus on sustainability all of the servers and web hosting services used at the Lab are 130% wind powered and all business cards are printed on tree-free paper, made from sterilized and naturally processed elephant poo, which helps protect elephants in Sri Lanka and reminds us all that the value of a given material always lies in its use.