Open Source Tracking Platform

Zoo Project Open Source Lion Tracking Collars

Open Source Tracking Platform The goal of the Open Source Tracking Project is to make an accessible tracking platform, to allow a greater range of people and organizations - from conservationist and small businesses to creative people and hobbyists - the tools of real time GPS tracking and data visualization. The project aims to create an Open Source Toolchain of tracking devices, databases and data visualization tools that will be available through open documentation, code bases and DIY kits.

The Toolchain: The tracking modules which represent the physical hardware that sends GPS data as well as other environmental data to a network using GSM or GPRS. Once in the network, a MYSQL database stores and organizes the data, which can then be output in any desired format. The formatted data can then be displayed using the developed Web based visualization software and Google Earth. Click here to see our latest field test data visualization.