Homeostasis Luscious Electric Delight

Tom-Tombino This interactive object was designed and created specifically for the Design+ Expo in Rome, Italy, to give this historical design element a voice. Roman sewer grates get clogged with leaves during the fall season, flooding the narrow streets of Rome. They are landmarks, and this project was intended to give them a new purpose so that people would pay them the attention and the upkeep they deserve. A few sewer grates would in fact be tagged with toll free phone numbers, re-introducing them as tools to navigate such a vast and exciting city. A menu will greet the caller and instruct him/her on how to use the automated service, which provides information such as how to get to the closest attractions, taxi stands or subway stops, restaurants and nearby bars recommended by true Roman residents!

Materials: Microcontroller, Arduino, IR sensors, LED clusters.

In collaboration with: Raphael Zollinger

Exhibited: at InteractiveObject 1.0, Roma d+ Expo in Rome, Italy in 2007.