Tsunameter Buoy System

The 40,000 Trees Project Sola-System

Tsunameter Buoy This buoy, anchored in the East River, broadcasts its presence live through music and evening light shows and is inspired by the research we have conducted on contemporary DART tsunameter systems, employed by NOAA in order to detect and assess tsunamis and their inundation patterns. The glowing buoyant platform contains a circuit that computes the incoming values to interpret currents and transmits the data to a nearby computer, connected to speakers. It can be used to log and graph data and issue alarms when safety thresholds are breached. For more information, on the research studies and experiments conducted during the years at ITP, please visit the ITP Blog.

Materials: Floating buoy, solar cell, LEDs, microcontroller, Xbee radio, accelerometer, battery, wireless speakers. C, Max Msp Jitter.

In collaboration with: Gadi Sassoon

Exhibited: at DUMBO Arts Festival organized by DUMBO Arts Center in NY and at Venti Correnti Gallery in Milan, Italy.